want a coach with industry experience?

Text: “want a coach with industry experience?”

You might think you want an experienced founder, c-suite officer or investor with 15+ years of experience successfully leading companies in your industry to coach you. Why? You think you want someone who has successfully overcome the obstacles that companies face so that you, too, can succeed. It makes sense. Less than 5 percent of […]

The DEI Issue NO ONE is Talking About

Image: "Deborah A" in a yellow Bubble Text: "The DEI Issue No One is Talking About"

Yes, I said it. I’m referring to a pretty controversial angle to the DEI conversation NO ONE is talking about. “We probably don’t want every single person to be in the same room.”  Yes, I said that. ****** “The conversation just becomes something that people want to bury. They want to talk around.  ‘Okay, we […]

Violence – What does the word bring up for you?

Violence - What does the word bring up for you?

Ooooh. Touchy subject. Violence. The word conjures up some strong emotions. =============== DISCLAIMER: As with ALL of my content, I’m sharing MY views from MY lived experience. Always, always, always operate from what feels right FOR YOU, and trust that your body and intuition knows best. This normally goes without saying, but because of the […]

Still trying to DO transformation?

Image: Magician with a wand, hat, and dove Text: “Still trying to DO transformation?”

We’re addicted to DOing. It’s not enough to sit back and relax anymore. We have to be doing something or we feel like we haven’t accomplished anything. Sound familiar? I was baffled from some of the feedback I got from a free guide I just wrote. Consistently, most people felt compelled to tell me there […]

Transformation, the lazy way

Image: Snoozing cat Text: “Transformation, the lazy way”

What’s wrong with going in loops? I’m often told that I repeat things too much and that I lead others in circles. Ok. I’m still trying to understand how that’s a bad thing. What’s a loop? Hmmm… the orbit of the moon, the planets, a day, a year, heck there’s a super ellipse formula from […]

A Confused Mind…

Image: Confused man looking up with question mark on his forehead Text: “A confused mind…”

Fill in the blank: “A confused mind …” If you said “never buys” then you too have been well instructed in our ‘business as usual’ paradigm. I. LOVE. a confused mind. I will go so far as to say I can only help you when your mind is confused. If you let me. Here’s something […]

Confidence is a byproduct.

The following is a transcript of a talk I gave at the Global Confidence Conference on Friday, March 10, 2023. Having confidence reminds me of having a meal. I’ll share what I mean in a minute, but I want to start with a quote: “Your success will be determined by your own confidence and fortitude.” […]

SOLO DISRUPTOR – How One Individual Can Make a Real Difference

Hands holding up yellow thought cloud with the question: "How can I, as one individual, end injustice" inside it

“Deborah, how can I, as ONE individual, end injustice in the world???” Simple. I’m going to give you three steps. Before I do that, though, I want to point out that the only reason you’re asking this question is because we’re all still living mired in what Charles Eisenstein calls the Story of Separation, the […]