The DEI Issue NO ONE is Talking About

Image: "Deborah A" in a yellow Bubble Text: "The DEI Issue No One is Talking About"

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Yes, I said it.

I’m referring to a pretty controversial angle to the DEI conversation NO ONE is talking about.

“We probably don’t want every single person to be in the same room.” 

Yes, I said that.


“The conversation just becomes something that people want to bury. They want to talk around. 

‘Okay, we have this little initiative in place, but it really doesn’t do anything.’ 

‘We have these policies in place to hire in a certain way, but it’s not really addressing the driver of a lack of inclusion.’ 

*The drivers are always people’s attitudes and perceptions.* 

And those don’t change unless we can really truly have honest conversations. 

And how can we have honest conversations if there’s always someone who’s angry and someone who’s getting the blame? 

There has to be a point where we can transcend that to actually start to come come together to say what do we all want? 

And or what really actually truly makes me as an individual feel like I belong? 

Oddly enough, the answer will never be in any company culture, or in any workplace. It’s always going to start within ourselves first. 

And when we feel like we belong within ourselves, we will naturally gravitate to the places where we belong externally.”


Yup, said that too.

Because these things need to be said.

I say a lot of things that at first listen are pretty shocking.

As with everything, CONTEXT is important here.

And my goal was to shift the focus of the entire DEI conversation.

I will be having another live conversation about DEI soon, and in preparation for that, I’d like to invite you to something special.

Next Tuesday , March 21, 2023 at 6:00 am Pacific, we will hold our first free live community masterclass in our brand new online community for the socially conscious: “Business = Personal -> Why We Keep Destroying Our Home & How to BE About Taking Good Care of It”

This particular masterclass is for socially conscious small business owners.

We’ve all heard the phrase: “It’s just business, it’s not personal.”

This masterclass will change how you perceive that phrase forever.

We’re going to dive into…

• The best time and most efficient way to address success factors like productivity, employee engagement, staff turnover, risk management, company culture, DEI,  innovation, change management, building effective teams, decision-making skills, brand differentiation, brand elevation, and social and environmental impact

• The root reason why humans as a species have continued to manufacture pain and suffering for themselves and all other life on the planet and how to increase your awareness of it

• The ONE goal that will address the “80%” of all the workplace challenges you will ever face, and a smart way to achieve that goal

Please comment “IN” to receive the link to register, which is best to do before 9 pm Pacific on Monday, March 20th to gain access to and receive calendar reminders for the event.

You’re not going to want to miss the truth bombs dropped. 💣💣💣

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Image: “Deborah A” in a yellow Bubble

Text: “The DEI Issue No One is Talking About”

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