Violence – What does the word bring up for you?

Violence - What does the word bring up for you?

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Ooooh. Touchy subject.

Violence. The word conjures up some strong emotions.


DISCLAIMER: As with ALL of my content, I’m sharing MY views from MY lived experience. Always, always, always operate from what feels right FOR YOU, and trust that your body and intuition knows best. This normally goes without saying, but because of the sensitive nature of this topic, I want to be clear. *Don’t try this at home, folks, unless it’s 1000% resonant for you.*


One of the first concerns people bring up when I mention my work with radical self-acceptance is:

“What about when others are insistent on being violent towards you?”

As a survivor of domestic violence, I can respond to that.

I definitely want to provide alternate perspectives to the topic of violence for all of us to consider.

Perspectives that don’t polarize us against each other, but offer hope of everyone getting what they truly want, at the level that they have access to that information.

Of course, physical safety is a prerequisite for all other forms of safety to be explored.

So let’s start there.

The way of radical self-acceptance WILL attract violence from others.

It will also equip you to respond appropriately in a non-violent manner.

Even when violence needs to be prevented with violence, this can be a temporary situation.

Most dictionaries define violence as physical, but there are so many levels that have to happen before the physical!

Violence, as I see it, Is not about the physical much at all. The physical is a symptom, not the actual issue.

It’s not about “the good guys” vs “the bad guys”, or even what “the bad guys” are doing.

And it’s definitely not just about what someone else can do to you.

Violence is really about choice.

It’s about misinformation.

It’s about your sense of ownership of your life.

Please let me know in the comments if you’d like me to share more. I’m so curious what feelings, thoughts, or images the word ‘violence’ brings up for you.

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Text: “Violence – What does the word bring up for you?”

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