A Confused Mind…

Image: Confused man looking up with question mark on his forehead Text: “A confused mind…”

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Fill in the blank: “A confused mind …”

If you said “never buys” then you too have been well instructed in our ‘business as usual’ paradigm.

I. LOVE. a confused mind.

I will go so far as to say I can only help you when your mind is confused.

If you let me.

Here’s something you should know about me: I’m a paradigm shift dealer.

Here’s my process:

I scour countless sources for the best paradigms, the ones that empower most with the least amount of efforting.

The ones that generate the most freedom and peace.

I synthesize them and then share them in a personalized way with my clients so they can practically start using them today.

The only way paradigm shifts can make any kind of difference is if they are disrupting how you currently see things.

OF COURSE it will be confusing – at first.

OF COURSE you will be fuzzy.

Come to me thinking you’re “clear” exactly how I will help you, and OF COURSE I won’t do that.

Believe me – I’m guaranteed to disappoint.

Mental confusion can be uncomfortable for most of us.

We’re conditioned early to be clear, confident, sure.

If we’re confused, we can be seen as weak or incompetent in some way.

But for all humans, the clarity we need to make decisions does NOT come from our mind.

It may come from our gut, our emotions, our heart, our intuition… but never our mind.

Our minds are very good at sifting through and organizing data, finding patterns, and formulating how to best communicate ideas to others.

Our minds are AWESOME.

And yet, they get in the way when it comes to making important decisions.

I’m not saying anything new here, you KNOW this.

People who can make important decisions WITHOUT relying on their minds solely – or allowing their minds to stall their process – will say that there is a freedom that comes with not “knowing” everything logically before embarking.

Do they stay in mental confusion?


The next step is curiosity.

And curiosity is the number one most important tool at a leader’s disposal.

But it doesn’t come from “knowing”. It comes from not knowing. It often comes from confusion.

This was a super incomplete discussion – did I confuse you? 😉😉 I’m happy to share more on how the process of making decisions with a confused mind works, if you find it helpful. Just let me know in the comments. 

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Image: Confused man looking up with question mark on his forehead

Text: “A confused mind…”

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