SOLO DISRUPTOR – How One Individual Can Make a Real Difference

Hands holding up yellow thought cloud with the question: "How can I, as one individual, end injustice" inside it

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“Deborah, how can I, as ONE individual, end injustice in the world???”

Simple. I’m going to give you three steps.

Before I do that, though, I want to point out that the only reason you’re asking this question is because we’re all still living mired in what Charles Eisenstein calls the Story of Separation, the story we all tell ourselves that others do things “to” us and we “to” them, because we are separate.

That they can’t feel what we feel or we can’t feel what they feel because we’re separate.

That we can cut, burn, poison, torture and destroy any other life form (including bacteria or viruses) without repercussions, because we’re separate.

That we can make fun of, hate, or wish harm on another being, without any reflection back on us, because we’re separate.

And so on…


We are dealing with so much injustice in this world because we’ve believed the lie that we are separate.


Separation is a nifty illusion, but when we buy into it, we make a lot of critical errors.

And yes, even if that is our natural way, they are errors because they simply are NOT TRUE and we have the lived experience of our world to prove it.

Ok, so now, on to the three steps.

1. Remember the Story of Interbeing – also used by Charles Eisenstein to coin the stories that recognize the TRUTH – we are all connected, we are all ONE, and, at most, we can separate ourselves into individuated parts of a larger whole. 

In the Story of Interbeing, we all are aware that what I do to you, I do to myself. We see the illusion for what it is and operate accordingly.

2. Make Daily Deposits into the Morphogenetic Field with Intention – you really want to pass on wealth to your children? Make daily deposits by showing up in your courageous TRUTH – as you are! NOT in the Fear we’ve all been conditioned in, to pretend to “fit in” or even to “be reasonable”. Forget being reasonable, the world our grandchildren will grow up in will be so so so different from the world we were raised in. Of what good will a retirement account, or even a house be in a world where the sovereignty of all beings is acknowledged and respected, including the sovereignty of the Earth to belong to all and to no one? You really think the real estate industry we currently know will work with that?

Let’s leave our progeny a REAL legacy, and do all we can to strengthen the field of possibility that they can live FREE, AS THEMSELVES, WITHOUT FEAR OF VIOLENCE driving them to seek money over anything that is truly “profitable” about the human experience!

3. Regularly Have Co-creative Conversations. Forget a day planner. Few things drive creative productivity more than an agenda-free conversation.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are an introvert or otherwise NOT inspired by conversing with others, by all means, insert in here the activity you LOVE and get juiced about that you’re always guilting yourself for “wasting time” doing because it’s not “productive”. You know what that activity is for you.

It’s literally the opposite of what we’re taught in ‘business as usual’ training; talking WITHOUT an agenda allows space for something new and unexpected to emerge! It’s like having a baby!

But just like the reproductive process, co-creation TAKES TIME. Pregnancy takes at least 9 months.

So my final note on this is to cultivate patience.

Allow things to take the time they take.

That can be really, really challenging in our ‘business as usual’ rat race, so I’ve prepared something to help.

Comment ‘guide’ below and I’ll send you a link for a brand new TIME BENDER guide:- which outlines how to shift your relationship with time so you can be more patient, both with yourself and with natural processes, as you redefine productivity, and befriend your greatest assets to bending time that I bet you didn’t know you had!

You’re not alone. And you absolutely can make a huge difference. 



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Image: Hands holding up yellow thought cloud with the question: “How can I, as one individual, end injustice” inside it

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