So, you want everyone in your organization to thrive and do your best work?

Holistic Leadership Development for Purpose-Driven Organizations

'Business as usual' authorities will give you plenty of tips, tools, models and formulas... all to show you what you "should" do.

And much of the advice out there CAN or DOES work!

But perhaps you’ve noticed… there’s a PROBLEM.

The above are all symptoms, not the problem.

The REAL problem is somewhere NO ONE IS LOOKING. 👀

If we were fish, it would be the water.

The REAL problem is the story we are telling ourselves about our nature and about how life works.

This story keeps us swimming in circles instead of advancing forward.

When we operate from a different story, we begin to have new options and opportunities, as well as new symptoms.

A big symptom of telling ourselves a different story is the emergence of genuine psychological safety and trust in an environment.


The converging crises of our time all arise from a common root that we might call Separation.

What is psychological safety?

An environment where people share the belief that candor is welcome, that they can speak up with thoughts of all kinds: questions, concerns, mistakes and so on. (Amy Edmonson)

When we see this start to organically and spontaneously and appear, we know that the soil we’ve planted in is more of a new story than the old story that ‘business as usual’ is rooted in.

We at global village campus are here to make it easier.

Shifting your operating story can go faster when you have good help!

It first benefits YOU, then your ORGANIZATION, and finally, all of the beautiful people who interface with it.

This is brave work, and like any other worthy endeavor, it is NOT supposed to be done alone.

In fact, it cannot be done alone.

Ready to finally address your "people problems" at their root, so you can grow the impact you and your organization are uniquely here to make?

Imagine, on the other side of a heartware Update:


people compete to be the first to help a colleague in need of support​


people visibly relax when you state your brand - and become more open + transparent​


people tend to overdeliver without ever being asked+ you learn of issues after they've already been resolved