Because WE ALL customers employees bosses children parents husbands wives convicts CEOs deserve a safe place.

Holistic leadership development to build environments of genuine psychological safety.

A time of global transition

The pandemic forced everyone to see that we’re in a period of global transition and we don’t know what we’re doing because the old rules no longer apply!

It’s caused many leaders to feel pretty upset, concerned and confused about what the future brings, and rightly so! The complex issues we’re facing are converging at a speed never before seen.

However, some of us see this as a time of great opportunity for expansion; one that humanity can emerge triumphantly from if we change just one story that we’ve been telling ourselves.

Why focus on safety?

Due to the old stories we’ve been telling ourselves as a collective about who we are, why we are here, and the nature of life and the world around us, we’ve created a society that is quite unsafe physically and psychologically.

The world NEEDS creative, connected and compassionate leaders who are courageous enough to let go of the old stories and rules, to provide grounded, authentic guidance and genuinely safe, trustworthy environments.

Some say that safety doesn’t exist. I understand that this is a belief that can help them muster courage and build a sense of resilience, but as with all things in life, holding that belief is not the only way to do so.

While it’s true that there will never be one place that is safe for EVERYONE, it’s also true that everyone can have at least ONE safe place. There’s more than enough for us all, and the illusion that there isn’t is what wise leaders see past.

Those who succeed in seeing past the illusion of scarcity see, whether they know it or not, Global Village.

Global Villagers tell stories that...

  • Foster deep inner trust + safety that’s contagious
  • Provide wayfinding in turbulent times
  • Inspire heightened long-term contribution

What is Global Village?

About global village campus

The mission behind Global Village Campus is to provide the highest level of support to self-aware leaders who seek to build effective bridges to the future to leave as a significant contribution for future generations, and who recognize that the most powerful change is inside out.

At global village campus, we believe that EVERYONE deserves a safe place – to freely express themselves, to explore who they are, what they’re here for, and what it means to be human – and to respect that right for each other.

Global Village Tenets

1. TRUTH always prevails.
2. We are all ONE. What I do to you, I do to myself.
3. We are sovereign. We never make someone do something they don’t want to do.
4. We are always supported. We are worthy of this support solely because we exist.
5. There is always more than enough.
6. We always have what we need. We cannot lose what is ours; we cannot keep what is not ours.
7. We are always growing and expanding. When this stops, we die.
8. All change is inside out.
9. Everything has its own time.
10. We are LOVE. We each have a unique, vital, irreplaceable role in the expression of love in our world.