Still trying to DO transformation?

Image: Magician with a wand, hat, and dove Text: “Still trying to DO transformation?”

We’re addicted to DOing. It’s not enough to sit back and relax anymore. We have to be doing something or we feel like we haven’t accomplished anything. Sound familiar? I was baffled from some of the feedback I got from a free guide I just wrote. Consistently, most people felt compelled to tell me there […]

Transformation, the lazy way

Image: Snoozing cat Text: “Transformation, the lazy way”

What’s wrong with going in loops? I’m often told that I repeat things too much and that I lead others in circles. Ok. I’m still trying to understand how that’s a bad thing. What’s a loop? Hmmm… the orbit of the moon, the planets, a day, a year, heck there’s a super ellipse formula from […]